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Calling all residents and visitors of high-rise buildings in England!

Who is the Building Safety Regulator?

The new Building Safety Regulator (BSR) regulates high-rise buildings in England. These are buildings with 7 or more storeys or that are 18 metres or higher, and either:

· have at least 2 residential units

· are hospitals or care homes (during design and construction)

Part of BSRs role is to offer a route for residents to complain about issues of fire spread or structural safety in their high rise building. This involves creating a digital service called Contact BSR, which will enable residents to complain to BSR and ask BSR a question. The digital service will be built by PA Consulting.

An opportunity to take part in user research

To make sure the digital service is user friendly for everyone, PA Consulting is looking for residents and visitors like you, to take part in their user research. In the session, you’ll have an informal chat about your living situation, before describing your expectations of Contact BSR, and then giving your feedback on early mock-up web pages. The sessions will last 1 hour.

If you are interested in taking part in user research for the Building Safety Regulator, please contact Ruby-Mae Radcliffe on


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