Major Fires In the UK Since June 2019

Barking Riverside Fire, 9th June 2019, BBC News image There have been a very worrying number of recent fires. This is the background to how we got where we are. In 1956 the government passed the Housing Finance Act which paved the way for high rise housing by only paying local authority subsidies for blocks of flats of 4 floors and over. The higher the block the more money the LA got. Later in 1962 under Sir Keith Joseph MP and Minister of Housing the government was to pave the way for LPS building. There were no national regulations covering these new methods of construction. To plug the gap on fire precautions, in 1962 BSCP CP3 Chapter IV Part 1: "Fire Precautions in blocks of flats and ma

Housing As A Human Right

Inside Housing report on the call from Scottish sector bodies for housing to be recognised as a human right. Click on the image to read the full article in Inside Housing below

The Story of Rosebank Tower

Rosebank Tower, Allison Drive, Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire G72 7HE Rosebank Tower is a 12 storey high, ‘Reema’ design Large Panel Systems construction containing 72, 2 bedroom flats. It was built in 1969/ 1970 but there were delays on allocating the flats as additional strengthening works costing £165 000 were required to be carried out to satisfy the Scottish Development Department requirements following the Ronan Point disaster. The block was one of 11 ‘sister’ blocks of the same design constructed about the same time by The Aberdeen Construction Group Limited, who were by that time the parent company of Reema (Scotland) Limited. The buildings were constructed for the Local Authority whi

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