A message to Southwark Council - Do not compound the Covid-19 risk!

We understand that Southwark Council have started moving homeless families into the decanted and nearly empty blocks on Ledbury Estate in Peckham. The decision to decant all tenants from these four blocks each of 56 flats was made in August 2017 following recognition of the severe fire and building safety risks identified after the Grenfell Tower fire nearly 3 years ago. Key risks relate to the failure of flats to be completely sealed from each other. By early 2020 only tens of flats are still occupied mainly by leaseholders. These large panel system (LPS) blocks were built in the late 1960s by Taylor Woodrow Anglian (TWA) who at the same time and to the same design built Ronan Point and the

Coronavirus - People in tall buildings may be more at risk - here's how to stay safe

Michael Gormley, Director - Water Academy, Heriot Watt University The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged health systems and public health authorities worldwide. When you have a rapidly spreading virus with a high transmission rate, you have to investigate all possible infection risks. One area of risk that is yet to receive any attention is big buildings such as tower blocks or hospitals. While direct person-to-person transmission is still the most common means of acquiring the illness, our research suggests that occupants in tall buildings could become infected if defects occur in the plumbing system. It’s important for people to be aware of this and take steps to keep themselves safe. Our wo

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