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Industry experts deliver open letter to Prime Minister urging regulation changes after Grenfell

Building industry bodies and Fire Safety experts have today delivered an open letter to Prime Minister Theresa May calling for urgent action over regulations following the Grenfell tragedy.

Dear Prime Minister,

We are united by our resolve that a tragedy like Grenfell Tower must never happen again. Ten months on, we are deeply concerned that so little has been done to prevent another fire.

High-rise and high-risk buildings such as schools, hospitals, care homes, sheltered housing and residential blocks must be our immediate priority. To protect public safety in these types of buildings, we ask the government to implement the following changes urgently:

  • That only non-combustible cladding and insulation be installed;

  • That they be fitted with automatic fire sprinklers; and,

  • That all new buildings of these types have alternative escape routes

The official inquiries and investigations will run their course, but we must not wait. We believe these common-sense measures will help protect people’s lives and the buildings in which they live, work, learn, and recover. We urge you and your government to implement them immediately.

Yours sincerely,

George Clarke,


Alan Brinson,

Executive Director, European Fire Sprinkler Network

Jane Duncan,