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Life In The Towers film project

Over the summer we collaborated with London Tenants Federation and filmmakers Rainbow Collective to deliver Citizen Journalism training for tenants living in blocks of flats.

Citizen Journalism; where a person uses the tools they have to hand e.g - a camera phone, has become prominent over the past few years due to social media. Mobile phone footage can now be shared all over the world in a matter of minutes, making this a quick and effective way to highlight issues. It often also gives the filmmaker the chance to tell their own story, in their own way and to control the narrative.

As part of our efforts to support tenants' voices to be heard, we were keen to pilot this project.

Eight online Zoom teaching sessions were hosted by Rainbow Collective covering topics including storytelling, interview techniques, filmmaking styles, composition, filming techniques and voiceover recordings.

We are very impressed with the amazing films that the tenants created; each sharing their own thoughts and outlooks. Please check out the films below.

We are hoping to hold further online Citizen Journalism training courses in the future. Please visit our information page for more information and drop us a line to express your interest.

Life In The Towers

A resident of Fred Wigg tower in Waltham Forest shares their concerns over fire safety and major works in their block.

A former resident of an estate in West London discusses the impacts of disrepair and regeneration.

A Southwark council tenant interviews Labour councillor Natasha Ennin on how communities come together in the borough.


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