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Grenfell United highlight 'Rebel Residents'

Grenfell United have pledged to highlight and bring attention to housing campaigners dubbed as 'rebel residents' by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council and other local authorities and landlords.

The group say: 'The reality being exposed at the inquiry is that those deemed as 'rebels' by RBKC and the KCTMO were in fact just concerned residents, battling to feel safe and secure where they lived. Please listen to this long-form interview with Piers Thompson, who launched the Save Our Silchester (SoS) campaign to save the housing estate in the heart of North Kensington, composing of four tower blocks and many low-rise dwellings. The plan - pushed by Rock Feilding-Mellen - would have fundamentally changed the composition of this area, pricing out many who live here - leaseholders and tenants - replacing their homes with the soulless developments that have arisen across our city. Piers talks us through how he fought the campaign, where they were most effective and the effects of Grenfell on the long-term plans for regeneration in the area. '

Grenfell United have shared this video interview via their Youtube platform.

Find out more about the 'Rebel Residents' and Grenfell United campaign on their website

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