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Response To Government Announcement Of Funding To Remove ACM Cladding

Tower Blocks UK welcomes James Brokenshire’s announcement today and the government’s recognition that people cannot be left to live in these dangerous blocks.

But we are afraid that this hasn’t dealt with all the problems.

We know of different types of tower blocks which also need looking into.

We know that other cladding systems are also dangerous and that these other systems have been widely used.

From our research we know of different types of cladding such as High Pressure Laminate – Trespa panels as used on Lakanal House – which burned through in 4 ½ minutes, which are on many buildings. The new aluminium window frame on that block buckled and failed in about 5 minutes. This is ignored.

And we also know that there are blocks with multiple problems, for example: large panel system blocks (House of cards design) with cladding and with a gas supply. In some cases, the gas supply on the outside of the building runs in the gap behind the cladding and the external wall, the very space where the flames traveled up the outside of Grenfell Tower.

These are serious risks and that is why we will be writing to the Minister asking for an urgent national independent inspection of all tall blocks in the UK.

Sam Webb TBUK

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