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Reverberations from the Past

On 16 May we attended the Memorial event at St Marks Centre which marked the 50th anniversary of the partial collapse of Ronan Point. Meticulous and thoughtful planning by Pat Jolly ensured that the event was dignified and well attended by around 100 people who had links with Ronan Point.

There were relatives of the four people who died, Tommy & Pauline Morrell, Mr McClusky and Edith Bridgestock, those who survived the disaster, and those who lived in the block after it was re-built. This included Julia Jeffers whose parents were a teacher at Cumberland School and Nurse at Newham General Hospital who moved into the 12th floor of the re-opened Ronan Point in 1973. She was seven in 1983 when they alongside other families were re-housed nearby when the building failed again.

On her 9th day as Mayor of Newham Rokhsana Fiaz spoke of the importance of reverberations from the past to the present and future committing to ensure Health & Safety and Fire Safety in Newhams Tower Blocks. She announced her commitment to ensure a lasting memorial in the form of a plaque to commemorate the disaster. She said the council will explore other means such as a change of street signage in the locality.

We watched the film And Then We Heard Shouts and Cries by film maker Ricky Chambers whose grandparents were evacuated from Ronan Point on 16 June 1968. This includes many individuals' stories including the account of a man who landed on the ground on his mattress " like a magic carpet"- still asleep. You can view the film on this website under History-Ronan Point.

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