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FixMyBlock is a project from Tower Blocks UK, created in collaboration with mySociety.

Originally set up in response to the Grenfell Tower fire, FixMyBlock aims to give social tenants living in tower blocks in England and Wales the information and support they need to tackle problems with their homes, and in particular around fire safety and dangerous living conditions.

Launched in England & Wales in August 2020 the content was further expanded to cover Scottish housing law in October 2021.

Clear action guides explain what tenants are entitled to in law; what they should do in order to get problems fixed; and, most importantly, how to take further effective action if landlords aren’t providing safe homes in accordance with their legal responsibilities.

Stories and podcasts from tower block tenants and community organisers around the country demonstrate what can be achieved, and how to avoid the pitfalls they may have overcome.


We emphasise the benefits that can come from collective action; the value of well organised residents’ groups; and the importance of making your housing problems known to the wider world via media campaigns, events and marches.


We believe these are a direct routes to getting tower block residents’ needs not only attended to, but also added to the public agenda. 

Read more about our Alpha and Discovery phase research.

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