About us

Founded in the 1980s as the National Tower Blocks Network, we regrouped in 2017 as Tower Blocks UK - a hub for sharing information and resources with groups and individuals who live in, or are concerned about tower block housing safety issues in the UK. 

Our aims are to:

  • Support tenants and residents to be heard by providing more opportunities to exert pressure on decision-makers to prevent continued inadequate action and ongoing risk.

  • Extend the services that we provide to include online information resources, pro-forma systems for implementing housing rights and open fire safety and structural data.

  • Share examples of good practice in tackling tower block safety problems, from tenants and residents and landlords.

View across North West London The tower blocks of 'North Kensington' and in the foreground

We Say

There needs to be

  • A systematic review of all Large Panel System blocks

  • Serious improvements to the Building Regulations

  • The introduction of procedures to enable tenants and residents to implement the Building Regulations when they have concerns

  • The installation of sprinklers in all tall blocks

  • The removal of dangerous cladding

  • Money from government to make these changes possible. 


What do you think? What else needs to be done? Tell us via our contact form 

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