Building Regulations

Building Regulations pose a number of concerns as the  current Building Regulation Review Interim Report confirms, they are not fit for purpose and must be changed urgently.



"There is a need for one clear compulsory foolproof method of enforcement, not the pick and mix we have at present. Building owners/landlords should not be responsible for the building regulations approval for their own buildings, particularly in relation to structure or fire. There is a need for an independent body above the building owner such as existed under the old London County Council /Greater London Council  District Surveyor system. It has been suggested by Chief Fire Officers that a National Fire Safety Agency is set up like the Health and Safety Executive. I support that" - Sam Webb.



Changing the Building Regulations will be an important step toward tower block safety but it will not necessarily be enough alone. 

We also need to ensure that any new regulations are effectively enforced in order for tower block tenants to benefit from improved safety standards. We have suggested that the Building Regulation Review includes a consideration of how tenants will be able to ensure compliance. We have suggested that the Review Team considering the legal process that tenants can  use so as to ensure compliance with new regulations and that their voices are heard in future when they have concerns. We are considering developing a “model” approach setting out enforcement arrangements.  Alongside, we would like to develop resources to support tenants to make use of the new regulations and their enforcement arrangements, including on-line templates for letters / submissions and guided pathways backed up by access to specialist legal and technical support. 


Investigation into danger of combustible plastics, plastic insulation industry lobbying, building regulation and role of the BRE
Guidance on government response to Grenfell fire
Building regulations relating to fire safety in dwelling houses
Building regulations relating to fire safety in buildings other than dwelling houses
An overview of building regulations relating to fire safety
British standards relating to cladding systems
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Consultation on the proposed clarification of building regulations guidance on fire safety (Approved Document B).

This consultation closed on 11 October 2018

July 2019 - Government updates advice for landlords and owners of buildings with ACM Cladding.

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July 2019 - Government updates on the Building Safety Programme

RIBA warns the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government that “regulations and guidance remain as ambiguous as they were before the (Grenfell) fire”

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