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Tenant Resources

We are seeking to gather and share resources that can be useful to tenants and residents. If you have resources that you would like to share please get in touch.


We are featuring a guide to setting up a group written by an experienced community worker who has extensive experience of tower block issues – Mandy Wilson.

Mandy Wilson has supported community groups for nearly 40 years, as a group member and as a community . Based in Sheffield, her first paid community work role was with Newham Tower Block Tenants Campaign and subsequent work with the National Tower Blocks Network and their fight to make tower blocks safe places to live. Mandy currently works with several community based national programmes in a learning and evaluation capacity. 

Click in the adjacent box for advice on setting up a Tenants and Residents Association.


Professor Arnold Dix has developed an app that enables tenants and residents to carry out a fire safety inspection of their flats. Arnold is happy for the information collected by the app to be sent to him and he will produce a report which can be shared with the landlord. This is a free service.

Tower Block Inspector- Professor Arnold Dix and his team

You can identify the risks in your tower block for free using the self-assessment tool developed and operated by Professor Arnold Dix, a fire safety expert, and his team.

You can download and complete the forms or download the (Android only) app, then  send these back to Professor Arnold Dix and his team, along with some photographs, and they return to you a factual independent summary about the risks in your block. He promotes a system called As Low As Reasonably Possible (ALARP). You can use this report as you wish and we have received positive feedback from tenants who have used it. Your personal details will be kept confidential although he is collating the reports into a national register of Tower Blocks in the UK. Let us know if it works for you and please also send us your report so we can collate a register too.

Find out more by visiting his website where there are television and radio interviews with him


Giles Peaker of Anthony Gold solicitors has provided a guide to tenants housing rights in relation to disrepair. Click on the adjacent  box to view or download this guide.

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