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Many of the issues affecting UK tower blocks are not unique. They can be found in tower blocks all around the world. Below are some articles from other countries suffering from similar problems, such as structural cracking and dangerous cladding.


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14th June 2019 - Mascot Towers, Sydney. A 10 year old apartment block was evacuated after engineers became concerned about significant cracking in the structure and masonry. Families from the 132 flats in the block have been moved into temporary accommodation in nearby hotels as experts assess the problems with the building.

3rd February 2019 - Neo 200 Building, Melbourne. A fire which began at 6am on the 22nd floor, spread rapidly up the cladding on the outside of the building to the 27th floor. The cladding was found to be ACM (Aluminium Composite Materials) the same used on Grenfell Tower.

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25th November 2014 - Lacrosse Building, Melbourne.

A fire spread vertically from the 6th floor to the 21st floor of this 23-storey block. The external facade material was found to be combustible and later investigations found that the apartment block was non-compliant with the Building Code of Australia.



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Cracking Up: Investigating Australia's apartment building crisis.

This programme by Four Corners, covers the investigation into what led to the discovery that many of Australia's apartment blocks are not fit for purpose, and riddled with defects - from the design stage, through to shoddy construction methods.

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